Tanzanite Rings

Tanzanite Rings Overview: A Guide to Understanding the Cut, Color, & Quality of the Most Sought After Gemstone

Tanzanite rings have grown in popular over the past few years. They are now some of the most sought after rings in the world. Tanzanite is a precious stone that is found only in Tanzania. It’s a bold and enchanting gem that never fails to stun observers.

It’s a relatively new gemstone. It was only discovered fifty years ago. Since there hasn’t been a lot of time to establish a market, the price is still low compared to other gemstones.

The rings are available in a variety of styles and sizes. However, there are a lot of imitation tanzanite rings out there, so you need to be careful when shopping for one.

Here are some things you need to know about this gemstone and how it is used in jewelry.

Tanzanite Quality

It’s the most transparent of all gemstones. This means that any scratch or crack could threaten its appearance and durability. Cracks can weaken the stone and dark blotches can block out light passage.

The clarity is determined by examining the gemstone from multiple light sources and angles. The good thing about having it set in a ring is that the metal can hide flaws. The transparency might not be as brilliant as it would be with loose stones, but tanzanite in rings is still stunning.

Tanzanite Cut

The cut styles can range from simple and dome shaped to elaborate carvings. Even though the cut play a smaller role in the valuing of this gemstone than do color and clarity, there are still a few cutting factors that affect the cost of the ring.

For instance, you can expect to pay a lot of one for a “trilliant” cut or round cut than a pear or emerald cut. A “trilliant” cut is a 58 faceted triangular cut. This is due to the loss of rough stone in cutting refined shapes. Since the stone is highly transparent, top designers take extra time exploring unique cutting concepts to see how brilliant the luster can be. These unique cuts demand top dollar.

Tanzanite Color

Did you know that it’s classified as a three-colored gemstones? The dark blue is hard to find in anything under two carats. It’s one of the trickiest gemstones to judge due to its extreme transparency. Several shades are displayed at once under light. When shopping for tanzanite rings, you need to have a color range in mind rather than a single color. Some emit violet tones, while others emit a reddish or even orange tone.

Sometimes tanzanite rings contain other gemstones such as pink topaz or amethyst. Decide whether you want the tanzanite to be solitary or combined with other gemstones.

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