Black Diamond Rings

Black Diamond Rings Shopping Guide: A Look at Popular Styles for Women and Men

Are you looking for a bold ring that offers something “different”? Then maybe black diamond rings are what you’re looking for! While some would consider them to be unconventional, there is no denying that they are beautiful. They are available as fashion jewelry, engagement rings, casual rings, etc. Since their color is basically opaque, the 4 Cs don’t apply to them so much as they do with traditional, colorless diamonds.

They are extremely durable, so you can trust that your ring will last for a long time. The stone can be set as a solitaire, three-stone, multi-stone, or as a center stone accented with diamonds. There are styles for men and women both.

The black color is due to natural inclusions. They only occur naturally in Brazil and Central Africa. Geologists believe that they might even originate in space! This adds even more to their uniqueness and beauty. Keep in mind that a black diamond weighs a bit more than a colorless diamond, so 1-carat black diamonds are a little bit smaller than 1-carat colorless diamonds.

High concentrations of inclusions cloud the diamond as it forms. The inclusions absorb light and give the stone its black metallic look. Keep in mind that it’s not unusual for black diamonds to have small surface inclusions. The inclusions are what give them their unique look. Ideally, go with a black diamond stone with 100% clarity.

They are often crafted in sterling silver, platinum, or white gold. Sleek, cool metals bring out the coolness of the black color. However, some people still prefer rose gold or yellow gold, since these metals create a beautiful contrast with the sleek, black diamond.

Styles and Cuts of Black Diamond Rings

There are so many styles and cuts to choose from! How about a princess cut packed with dozens of bright pave-set gems surrounding a princess cut stone? Or maybe you want something contemporary. An example of a contemporary design is a solitaire stone in a crisscrossed 4 prong setting, placed in a white gold band. Other popular cuts include heart, emerald, and brilliant.

For men, there are styles such as a sterling silver band covered in two rows of black pave diamonds. Some men prefer larger stones in a square or oval cut. A black rhodium plated design is also popular with men’s black diamond rings.

They are fairly easy to take care of. You can start by pre-soaking the jewelry in hot water to loosen debris and oil. Mix up a colored diamond solution with water. You can make your own by mixing a tiny bit of diluted ammonia in a glass of water. Let it soak in the solution for an hour. Finally, rinse it off and dry it with a lint-free cloth.

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Wedding Jewelry

Wedding Jewelry Guidelines – 6 Tips for Selecting Jewelry to Match Your Wedding Dress and Hair

Your ring won’t be the only piece of jewelry you’ll wear on your wedding day. There is other wedding jewelry to consider, such as earrings. It’s important that you plan ahead so that you aren’t stuck trying to find a few matching pieces at the last moment. You won’t want to wait until your wedding day to try the jewelry on, only to realize that it doesn’t look right with your dress.

If you’ve already seen your wedding ring, ask the retailer if they can recommend any matching pieces for it. If nothing else, try to get an idea of what kind of earrings, bracelets, and necklaces to look for.

Here are a few tips for choosing the right wedding jewelry:

1. Not only should the jewelry match the wedding ring, it should also match your dress and overall style. If you want a traditional wedding, then go with a pair of vintage earrings. Also, nothing says tradition like a pearl necklace. The idea is to look – and be – glamorous. If you plan on wearing a modern wedding dress, you might want to go with a choker embellished in diamonds and huggie-style earrings.

2. Speaking of earrings, bigger is better. Stud earrings really aren’t the right choice for weddings since they will be overshadowed by your hair. You don’t want them to get overlooked by your gorgeous hairstyle. On the other hand, you don’t want them to overshadow your hair, either. There should be a good balance.

3. How do you know what kind of earrings to wear to go with your hair? Chunkier styles look better with upswept hair, whereas small bejeweled hoops tend to look great with a tiara or decorative veil.

4. You don’t want to over-accessorize OR under-accessorize. If your dress has a lot of heavy embroidery or lace, tone down the jewelry a tiny bit. Heavy jewelry and heavy embroidery will be too much when used together. If your dress is simple and light, you can get away with wearing fancier jewelry pieces.

5. The type of necklace you should wear depends on the cut of your dress. If you’re wearing a strapless bodice, opt for a rhinestone or pearl choker. If your gown has a V cut, go with a diamond solitaire or a sweetheart necklace.

6. Harmonize your wedding jewelry with your headpiece and dress as best you can. As a general rule of thumb, pearls tend to complement beading, and diamonds go well with crystals or sequins.

Final Words

Now you have a starting point for your wedding jewelry. Keep these pointers in mind as you shop for the right pieces.

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Black Diamond Necklace

Black Diamond Necklace – Tips on Choosing the Perfect Necklace with Black Diamonds

Up until recently, the average consumer wasn’t interested in black diamond jewelry. Now, this cool, dazzling gemstone is starting to become popular. If you’re looking for a unique piece of jewelry, you might be interested in a black diamond necklace. It is simultaneously a subtle and bold piece of jewelry.

This elusive gem gives off an almost mysterious vibe. It goes well with any type of outfit. Whether you want to wear something casual or dress up for a formal event, black diamonds will complement your outfit. Keep in mind that they can be costly – especially if the clarity is close to 100%. However, the investment is definitely worth every penny. Whether you want to buy the necklace for yourself or as a gift for somebody else, it will last for years and years.

Black is the rarest of diamond colors. They are also younger than other diamonds. Some experts believe that they are formed as a result of a meteor crash. This means that the wearer can literally wear something that may have originated from space! This makes the gemstone even more appealing and unique.

Whatever your taste, you can easily find a black diamond necklace that will suit your preferences. The designs vary from solitaire settings to intricately shaped pendants. Want something cute? Maybe a penguin necklace will suit your tastes. This cute design features dozens of small diamonds, in a mix of white and black, detailing a pendant shaped as a penguin.

How about an angel feather wing? A feather wing pendant is made out of white and black diamonds. The pendant hangs on a shimming sterling silver chain. This is a very artsy and flashy necklace.

Simpler Styles of a Black Diamond Necklace

If you prefer something simpler, then you will find plenty of necklaces with a solitaire black diamond stone. Sometimes there might be two or three stones placed in a column or row. Sometimes they have some small colorless stones or crystals surrounding them.

Want something elegant and feminine? How about a black diamond “Riviera” necklace? This is one gorgeous necklace that complements that little black dress. Of course, it looks good with ANY outfit, including a black shirt and jeans. It’s a stunning piece that makes a versatile addition to any woman’s jewelry collection.

Last but not least, you need to consider a classy design. You can find a classy design in an oval shaped black pendant hanging on a sterling silver chain. The oval pendant looks amazing with 48 pave set diamonds in round brilliant cut.

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Wedding Jewelry Sets

Wedding Jewelry Sets – How to Choose the Right Jewelry for Your Special Day

For the bride, the jewelry is just as important as the dress itself. Wedding jewelry sets can include the necklace, bracelets, earrings, tiara, and more. Some brides even pick out the jewelry they want their bridesmaids to wear. Whether you want to go with a classic pearl set, a diamond set, or sterling silver hair pieces, you can expect to pay a considerable amount of money. After all, it will be your big day, so you don’t want to wear anything cheap.

Some jewelry stores sell wedding jewelry sets which include the necklace with a matching pair of earrings. Many brides find this to be an ideal option, since it’s usually cheaper to buy a set rather than pay for each piece individually.

How do you know which bridal jewelry is for you? Well, do you already have an idea of how you want to look on your wedding day? The style of your dress dictates what kind of jewelry you should be wearing. If your dress sparkles, then a diamond necklace and earrings will accent it perfectly. If you plan on wearing a vintage style dress, go with an old-fashioned pearl necklace and matching earrings.

Don’t forget your groom. Wedding jewelry sets can come with both the woman’s ring and the man’s ring. Many couples find it ideal to buy their rings as part of a set. When sold in a set, wedding bands are usually less expensive. The only problem is that the two of you will have to agree on a style and design.

Accessorizing Wedding Jewelry Sets

Once you get your ring and gown, you can begin to accessorize the rest of your jewelry. Even though you will want everything to match, you should still let your personality shine. Don’t neglect your own personality because you want to follow the rule book too much. Every bride should ad her own unique touch to her ensemble. Wear at least one piece of jewelry that you really want to wear, even if it’s slightly different than the rest of the ensemble.

Also, keep in mind that it’s okay to add a bit of color to your wedding jewelry set. Some gowns look amazing when accented with gold or black rhinestone. If you’re wearing a dress with a V shaped neckline, you might want to go with a teardrop necklace featuring a dark rhinestone or garnet at the apex.

There are so many ideas when it comes to wedding jewelry sets. As long as you don’t forget to incorporate a bit of your own personality, you should do fine. You can find great deals on entire sets on the internet.

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Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Black Diamond Engagement Rings: Learn About Black Diamonds, How They Are Graded, & How They Are Used in Rings

What makes the perfect engagement ring? Most people agree that diamonds are the best choice of a stone. These days, black diamonds are becoming a popular choice – especially among men. Black diamond engagement rings are typically set in sterling silver. They range in a variety of styles, including vintage, classic, contemporary, and gemstone halo.

A gemstone halo includes a dazzling center stone surrounded by tiny gems. The reason why black diamonds are becoming so popular is because they are so unique. Since they have opaque or inky colors; the 4 Cs don’t necessarily apply to them as they do with traditional diamonds. The black color occurs through a graphite inclusion or enhancement through an irradiation process. They contain minerals such as magnetite and sulfide.

So, how are they graded? It depends on the number of inclusions it has. The fewer inclusions, the better the clarity. The better the clarity, the more highly the stone is graded. The size should also be taken into consideration. A larger black diamond will obviously cost more than a smaller one with similar clarity. Typically, the higher the carat, the more pricey the stone.

You should also consider the setting. Like colorless diamonds, black diamond engagement rings are available in pave settings, three stone settings, solitaire settings, tension settings, and settings with side-stones. The stones can be cut in a variety of shapes, with the most popular being ovals, hearts, spheres, and squares.

The black represents the depths of your feelings and the unlimited possibilities of your life together. They might seem unconventional to some, but they are still unique and beautiful. They’re fairly easy to take care of. Just clean the stone regularly to keep it sparkling.

Tips for Cleaning Black Diamond Engagement Rings

Here are a few tips on how to clean it:

• Presoak the diamond in hot water to loosen oil and dirt.
• Mix it in a cleaning solution made of 75% water and 25% diluted ammonia. You can also buy a special diamond cleaning solution from a jewelry store.
• Place it in a dish with the cleaning solution and let it soak for an hour. The stone must be completely submerged.
• Scrub it with a soft bristle brush. A clean toothbrush is okay for this. Gently scrub the stone at different angles.
• Place the diamond under running hot water to rinse the cleaning solution off. Polish it with a lint-free cloth.

Last but not least, you will need to choose the metal in which the stone is set. Black diamond engagement rings can be set in silver, white gold, yellow gold, platinum, etc. Silver is the most popular choice since it enhances the sleekness of the black diamond.

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Blue Topaz Ring

Blue Topaz Ring Guide: How to Choose Blue Topaz Jewelry & Care for It

Blue topaz is a radiant color that makes it the perfect gemstone for jewelry! It has a serene tone which evokes thoughts of a clear blue sky on a sunny day, or of Caribbean waves splashing on a sandy beach. Any lady would love to have a blue topaz ring on her finger!

Of course, men appreciate this gemstone as well. It’s found on jewelry pieces for women and men both. It’s not uncommon to see men wearing emerald or cushion cut blue topaz rings. The reason why they are so popular is because are elegant, yet not over-the-top flashy. It’s the perfect gift for an engagement or for someone who was born in December.

Naturally occurring blue topaz is extremely rare. It’s typically gray in its natural form, and must be irradiated and heat treated to produce a darker blue. There are two different irradiation methods used. The first method involves the use of gamma rays from Cobalt 60 sources. The second method, which is used to produce darker tones of blue, uses electrons produced in a nuclear reactor.

Now that you know a little bit about how blue topaz is treated, you can decide on the ring. As with any gemstone, you need to choose the clarity, cut, color, and carat. It’s a versatile stone, so it can be cut into the well-known gemstone shapes as well as unique ones. Emerald is one of the more popular shapes for blue topaz jewelry.

Another thing to consider is whether or not you want a solitaire gemstone. Many people consider a solitaire blue topaz ring to be ideal since the gem is beautiful enough by itself and therefore doesn’t need to be embellished by diamonds or other stones.

Gold Choices for Your Blue Topaz Ring

If you want a solitaire ring, your best bet is to choose one set in platinum or silver. When it comes to yellow gold, blue topaz looks best embellished with diamond accents.

If you’d prefer a flashier ring featuring other gemstones, popular choices include diamonds, rubies, garnets, and pink topaz. The ideal size for the blue topaz is AT LEAST 2.75 carats. The colors range from pale, icy blue to a dark, almost sapphire blue.

You always need to be careful when cleaning this stone. While it’s relatively hard, it’s still susceptible to chips and scratches. The best way to clean it is with a soft brush and soapy water. When not worn, the ring should be kept in a fabric-lined box AWAY from harder gemstones. Extreme temperature changes can also potentially harm blue topaz.

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Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring – Everything You Need to Know About This Classy & Timeless Style

An emerald cut diamond ring is very classy. While it’s not as brilliant as a round cut, it’s still elegant with its long lines and dramatic flashes of light. This design was originally developed for emeralds, which are very difficult to cut into a certain shape.

When the same cutting process is applied to diamonds, it creates trim lines and a sophisticated look. The only downside to diamonds with this kind of cut is that the flaws stand out more. This is why you need to be careful when shopping for one. You need to choose the highest quality diamond you can afford.

Some of the rings include the diamond with accents. Tiny accents provide balance to the stone’s shape.

When buying an emerald cut diamond ring, here are the minimum recommendations:

• Cut: Good
• Clarity: VS2
• Color: G
• Depth percentage: at least 58%
• Table: 58%-59%

The traditionally accepted ratio of the cut is 1:5:1, although some people prefer longer, thinner cuts. There are also short, fat cuts available.

Emerald cuts were very popular in the Art Deco Era. While they’re not as popular more than a half a century later, they’re still considered classy choices. This cut isn’t fancy, but it is sophisticated and clean. It’s ideal for those who prefer a traditional look over a modern look.

When Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd got engaged in the 1950s, he gave her a 29.4 carat emerald cut ring. She jokingly called it her “ice skating rink”. Indeed, that’s what it looked like.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings Typical Confusions

It shouldn’t be confused with a square cut. The typical emerald cut diamond ring has a long, narrow shape. It works beautifully in solitaire settings. If there are any accents, they should be small and simple.

The great thing about this cut is that it is fairly simple to achieve, especially when compared to other cuts. Despite the cropped corners and the “step” appearance, it’s not that difficult to cut diamonds into this shape. Because of this, these rings are affordable.

What emerald cuts lack in brilliance, they make up for in clarity. The cut makes the stone appear clean and pure, like ice. The full depth of the diamond is clearly visible. This type of ring is ideal for a woman who prefers classy over flashy.

If it’s poorly cut, the diamond’s flaws are noticeable. However, a wonderfully cut one shows a diamond’s best assets. When choosing an emerald cut, decide on the metal. White gold is typically preferred to yellow gold, since the emerald cut shows off a diamond’s iciness. White gold or silver adds to this theme.

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Lemon Quartz Rings

Lemon Quartz Ring Guide – Learn How This Gorgeous Yellow Stone is Cut and Polished

A lemon quartz ring is a lovely citrus colored piece of jewelry which looks good in a gold or silver setting. It’s ideal for anybody who appreciates a warm, sparkling yellow or pale green shade. High quality lemon quartz is even more sparkly than citrine!

This gemstone is typically cut in large sizes. Since it’s easy to cut, it’s not as expensive as other stones of similar sizes. Lemon quartz is mined in Brazil, where it’s the most abundant. It’s a relative of amethyst.

Quartz isn’t “cut” in the traditional sense. The facets are actually grinded onto the stone. It first goes through a “pre-form” process which involves the facets being grinded. The polishing process grinds the rest of the stone away. The facets are then smoothed out. Usually, two people are involved. One professional does the cutting and another professional does the polishing.

The gemstone will sparkle with a proper cut. Ideally, it the gemstone should be cut so that when anybody takes a look at it, they can’t see all the way through it. When light hits the stone, it should reflect against the facets and shoot back outwards.

When choosing a lemon quartz ring, you need to decide on a shape. The stones can be cut round, oval, emerald, pear shaped, heart shaped, trillion, and so forth. Since the material is so abundant, quartz can be cut with a fancy technique. Laser technology is used to cut the stone with concaved facets, or with a “checkerboard” face. The concave cut involves using special machinery to put concaved facets on the face of the stone. This allows for an extra dispersion of light, which gives the stone a brilliant flash.

Polishing Lemon Quartz

The polish is an important factor of the cutting. There should be no marks on the facets. Unfortunately, a rushed cutting job can result in flaws. Sometimes the best polishing job in the world won’t get rid of the flaws.

Another thing to consider is the proportion. The angles of the facets need to be cut evenly. The symmetry of a lemon quartz ring is going to have an impact on the beauty. If a stone is cut too shallow, it will look too cheap. If it’s cut too deep, it will look rough and ugly. Light won’t bounce off the facets properly if the stone has poor symmetry.

Since it’s easy to cut in large sizes, you’ll find that 5 carats and up aren’t all that expensive when it comes to a lemon quartz ring. Give your sweetheart a large rock that shines like the sun! Since they’re so affordable, you might want to get her a matching necklace and earrings as well. According to legend, lemon quartz symbolizes well-being and optimism for the future.

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Pearl and Diamond Earrings

Pearl and Diamond Earrings: 5 Tips for Choosing the Best Pearls and Diamonds

Diamonds and pearls are both gorgeous, so why not use them both together in jewelry? There’s nothing more beautiful than pearl and diamond earrings. They’re also affordable if you know where to buy them.

They can be worn on all occasions. They look great with formal wear, casual jeans, classic outfits, casual dresses, etc. If you want to buy these earrings as a gift, you can rest assured that your recipient will love them!

Make sure that the pearls on the earrings are real and not fake. Fake pearls will take away from the beauty of the jewelry. A Tahiti or South Sea pearl offers a nice opulent look. When you lay your eyes on a fine pearl, you’ll realize why people are willing to dive way down deep in the ocean to collect these opulent spheres!

Here are a few tips for choosing pearl and diamond earrings.

1. Decide whether you want natural or cultured pearls. Natural pearls are rare and cost a fortune. If you can find a natural one, then the investment will be well worth it. However, these days most pearls are grown on farms. A technician will implant beads into the mollusks, and the mollusks are then returned in the water until the pearls form.

2. What quality of diamond can you afford? What kind of cut do you want? Princess and emerald cuts are especially lovely when paired with pearls. Do you want a single, large diamond to match the size of the pearl, or do you want a number of tiny diamonds accenting the pearl?

3. What style of earring do you want? Would you prefer something simple, like stud earrings, or something flashier, like dangle earrings? If you want something in between, then go with drop earrings. Drop earrings are ideal if you’re buying for somebody else. Some women have small, delicate ears and can’t wear dangle earrings. At the same time, stud earrings might be too simple for them.

4. Another factor to consider is whether you want freshwater or saltwater pearls. Saltwater pearls include Akoya cultured pearls grown in waters near China and Japan. They are white or cream in color. Freshwater pearls are grown in lakes and ponds, predominantly in China. They are produced in various sizes. They’re typically pastel in color, although some are white and resemble Akoya pearls.

5. Last but not least, you need to decide on the metal. White gold? Yellow gold? Silver? These are all lovely choices when combined with pearls and diamonds.

Final Remarks

Hopefully, you have an idea of which pearl and diamond earrings to buy. You at least have a starting point so that you can begin your search for the perfect pair!

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Ruby Earrings

Ruby Earrings Guide: What Should You Look for in a Ruby Gemstone? Which Earring Style is Ideal?

Ruby is the birthstone for July. Ruby earrings make a perfect gift for anybody who was born in this month. The color symbolizes passion and love. Giving somebody ruby jewelry is a wonderful expression of love between two people. According to legend, this gemstone can strengthen the heart.

Choosing the right earrings isn’t all that difficult if you know which qualities to look for. The first thing to consider is the shade. Rubies range from “good” quality to “heirloom” quality. Here is an overview of the four varieties of color:

• “Good” quality rubies have a slight pinkish tone to them. Since they are fairly light, you can see their natural minerals and inclusions.
• “Better” quality gems are a medium red. They are a wonderful mix of brilliance and color. Some of the natural minerals are visible.
• “Best” quality gems are bright and vivid red in color! They are among the rarest rubies in the world. This is the best option if you want to buy ruby earrings for your fiancé or wife.
• Needless to say, “heirloom” quality gems are the rarest on Earth. They are truly extraordinary, represent the top 0.1% of rubies, and are a dark, brilliant red.

The saturation quality is how deeply the color penetrates into the gemstone. The darkest and richest stones have highly saturated colors. Lightly saturated gemstones appear more pale and transparent.

Treatments of Ruby Earrings

Like other gemstones, rubies undergo treatments to enhance their natural attributes. The treatments will enhance their color and strength without sacrificing quality. Be sure to order the earrings from a jewelry store that doesn’t use glass or lead-filled rubies. Your order should come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

When choosing earrings, you need to decide whether you want a solitaire ruby or a ruby accented with diamonds. Ruby earrings are especially beautiful when they are combined with diamonds! One gorgeous design includes the ruby as the center, embellished by tiny white diamonds.

If you want something simple, yet lovely, go with classic stud earrings. The rubies used in stud earrings typically range in width from 2.5mm to 5mm. More elaborate designs include two or three stones in a dangle setting. A tiered design especially looks gorgeous when the rubies are set in 18k gold. Speaking of gold, yellow gold is the most popular metal setting for rubies. There’s just something about a blood red gemstone combined with shining yellow gold!

Last but not least, you need to consider the cut. Rubies can be cut into any style: heart, oval, emerald, pear, princess, etc. Heart shaped rubies are the most popular since the color is red.

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