Emerald Cut Diamond Ring

Emerald Cut Diamond Ring – Everything You Need to Know About This Classy & Timeless Style

An emerald cut diamond ring is very classy. While it’s not as brilliant as a round cut, it’s still elegant with its long lines and dramatic flashes of light. This design was originally developed for emeralds, which are very difficult to cut into a certain shape.

When the same cutting process is applied to diamonds, it creates trim lines and a sophisticated look. The only downside to diamonds with this kind of cut is that the flaws stand out more. This is why you need to be careful when shopping for one. You need to choose the highest quality diamond you can afford.

Some of the rings include the diamond with accents. Tiny accents provide balance to the stone’s shape.

When buying an emerald cut diamond ring, here are the minimum recommendations:

• Cut: Good
• Clarity: VS2
• Color: G
• Depth percentage: at least 58%
• Table: 58%-59%

The traditionally accepted ratio of the cut is 1:5:1, although some people prefer longer, thinner cuts. There are also short, fat cuts available.

Emerald cuts were very popular in the Art Deco Era. While they’re not as popular more than a half a century later, they’re still considered classy choices. This cut isn’t fancy, but it is sophisticated and clean. It’s ideal for those who prefer a traditional look over a modern look.

When Elizabeth Taylor and Mike Todd got engaged in the 1950s, he gave her a 29.4 carat emerald cut ring. She jokingly called it her “ice skating rink”. Indeed, that’s what it looked like.

Emerald Cut Diamond Rings Typical Confusions

It shouldn’t be confused with a square cut. The typical emerald cut diamond ring has a long, narrow shape. It works beautifully in solitaire settings. If there are any accents, they should be small and simple.

The great thing about this cut is that it is fairly simple to achieve, especially when compared to other cuts. Despite the cropped corners and the “step” appearance, it’s not that difficult to cut diamonds into this shape. Because of this, these rings are affordable.

What emerald cuts lack in brilliance, they make up for in clarity. The cut makes the stone appear clean and pure, like ice. The full depth of the diamond is clearly visible. This type of ring is ideal for a woman who prefers classy over flashy.

If it’s poorly cut, the diamond’s flaws are noticeable. However, a wonderfully cut one shows a diamond’s best assets. When choosing an emerald cut, decide on the metal. White gold is typically preferred to yellow gold, since the emerald cut shows off a diamond’s iciness. White gold or silver adds to this theme.

Now you know what to look for in an emerald cut diamond ring! This design is ideal for any girl who appreciates class and sophistication. The best place to find the perfect emerald cut is SuperJeweler.com. You can save hundreds of dollars on a gorgeous ring!

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