Lemon Quartz Rings

Lemon Quartz Ring Guide – Learn How This Gorgeous Yellow Stone is Cut and Polished

A lemon quartz ring is a lovely citrus colored piece of jewelry which looks good in a gold or silver setting. It’s ideal for anybody who appreciates a warm, sparkling yellow or pale green shade. High quality lemon quartz is even more sparkly than citrine!

This gemstone is typically cut in large sizes. Since it’s easy to cut, it’s not as expensive as other stones of similar sizes. Lemon quartz is mined in Brazil, where it’s the most abundant. It’s a relative of amethyst.

Quartz isn’t “cut” in the traditional sense. The facets are actually grinded onto the stone. It first goes through a “pre-form” process which involves the facets being grinded. The polishing process grinds the rest of the stone away. The facets are then smoothed out. Usually, two people are involved. One professional does the cutting and another professional does the polishing.

The gemstone will sparkle with a proper cut. Ideally, it the gemstone should be cut so that when anybody takes a look at it, they can’t see all the way through it. When light hits the stone, it should reflect against the facets and shoot back outwards.

When choosing a lemon quartz ring, you need to decide on a shape. The stones can be cut round, oval, emerald, pear shaped, heart shaped, trillion, and so forth. Since the material is so abundant, quartz can be cut with a fancy technique. Laser technology is used to cut the stone with concaved facets, or with a “checkerboard” face. The concave cut involves using special machinery to put concaved facets on the face of the stone. This allows for an extra dispersion of light, which gives the stone a brilliant flash.

Polishing Lemon Quartz

The polish is an important factor of the cutting. There should be no marks on the facets. Unfortunately, a rushed cutting job can result in flaws. Sometimes the best polishing job in the world won’t get rid of the flaws.

Another thing to consider is the proportion. The angles of the facets need to be cut evenly. The symmetry of a lemon quartz ring is going to have an impact on the beauty. If a stone is cut too shallow, it will look too cheap. If it’s cut too deep, it will look rough and ugly. Light won’t bounce off the facets properly if the stone has poor symmetry.

Since it’s easy to cut in large sizes, you’ll find that 5 carats and up aren’t all that expensive when it comes to a lemon quartz ring. Give your sweetheart a large rock that shines like the sun! Since they’re so affordable, you might want to get her a matching necklace and earrings as well. According to legend, lemon quartz symbolizes well-being and optimism for the future.

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