Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Pearl Bridal Jewelry: 7 Tips for Choosing the Perfect Necklace, Bracelet, & Earrings

When it comes to her big day, a girl almost always prefers pearl bridal jewelry over anything else. Pearls look lovely with any wedding dress. Brides have been wearing pearls for centuries. They’re available in a variety of styles and colors. Not all of them are white – some are pastel in color.

Since there are so many styles, how can you choose the right jewelry for you? The most important thing to consider is your dress. If you’re going to wear a vintage dress, then wear a vintage pearl necklace. If you’re going to wear a modern dress, select a necklace with pearls and gemstones, such as your birthstone or diamonds.

Here are some more tips on choosing the right pearl bridal jewelry:

1. One thing you need to consider is the shape. Not all pearls are round. Large round pearls are actually rare. There are oval pearls, button pearls, and Keishi pearls. Keishis occur when the mollusks reject the injected nucleus and grow a natural pearl. In other words, they are “accidents”, and have unique shapes.

2. As mentioned above, they’re available in a number of colors. Not all pearls are white. Some turn out to be gray, pastel blue, green, and even black. Jet black pearls are very rare. Naturally occurring black pearls come from pearl farms in the French Polynesia, the Philippines, and Indonesia.

3. Which style do you want? Do you want a beaded pearl necklace? A single strand? Double strand? Do you want a single pearl surrounded by rhinestones or diamonds? Once again, you’ll want to choose something that matches your dress and the rest of your accessories.

4. A popular trend is to keep things simple. The bride can wear a freshwater pearl set that includes a simple necklace, matching bracelet, and earrings. The necklace just has one or a few pearls on a strand.

5. Can’t afford fancy pearls? Don’t worry – they vary in price a great deal. An affordable, yet lovely choice is a pearl solitaire on a strand of clear nylon. This creates a “floating” look. You should also consider the length. Do you want a choker or would you prefer a long pearl necklace?

6. Bracelets are available as single- or multi-strand. One popular style is a single strand of alternating pearls and Swarovski crystals. The pearls and Swarovski crystals are available in all different colors.

7. For the earrings, you can stick with basic pearl studs or go with something fancier. The great thing about stud earrings is that they are versatile. Other styles include pearl hoops, leverbacks, dangles, etc. Some feature pearls alone and others have diamond accents.

Final Words About Pearl Bridal Jewelry

Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the right pearl bridal jewelry set! The wonderful thing about pearls is that they always look classy, regardless of size and style. offers pearl bridal jewelry discounts. You can find beautiful pearls, diamonds, crystals, and gemstones in all colors and varieties. The jewelry superstore offers awesome customer service and free shipping!

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