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Omega Watches: A User Guide

Omega watches are among the most popular luxury timepieces on the market. Omega is a Swiss company and one of only six watchmakers in Switzerland that produces its movements. It then sells to other brands for use in their watches. Omega offers a variety of different watches, including dress, sporty, and diving styles.

History of Omega Watches

Omega Watches is a Swiss luxury watchmaker. Omega was the official timekeeper of the Olympic Games and had been making watches for more than 100 years since 1894. It created its first-ever self-winding chronograph movement. The company’s history began with Louis Brandt. He founded Omega in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland, in 1848. He sought to create precision parts for clocks or scientific instruments.

The quality of their work attracted British businessman Thomas Seagrave who set up his own business manufacturing high precision tools under license from Brandt’s factory before buying him out entirely in 1895 and renaming itself “La Generale Watch Co.” As demand increased further on other products they manufactured, such as clocks, Omega began to manufacture its movements.

In 1903 the company created the first Omega wristwatch, and in 1905 they simultaneously worked on a pioneering project for synchronizing time between international observatories by providing them with precision chronometers that used telegraphic signals (time signal).

An example is the “Omega Speedmaster,” which astronauts had worn since 1965 when it became NASA’s official watch.

The company continued to grow during World War I and II supplying watches belonging to armies around Europe as well as producing their first ladies’ models in 1937 – but none are more famous than their Seamaster range of sports watches which they created to help Omega remain competitive in the race for wristwatch superiority.

The 1957 Seamaster was so popular that it became a must-have accessory and central to every fashion-conscious female’s wardrobe and was chosen by John Glenn when he became the first American astronaut to orbit earth successfully.

Special Watch Types

Omega has several special watch types that are worth discussing. These include the Omega Constellation and Speedmaster lines and their Seamaster line, which features both diving watches and quartz models. All three have been designed to meet the specific needs of different customers.

The Omega Constellation line is one of Omega’s most iconic collections in terms of physical design; it was initially developed back when people still connected the brand with Louis Brandt & Co., a jewelry store from La Chaux de Fonds Switzerland famous for its beautiful timepieces.

On the other hand, the Speedmaster Series consists entirely of functional sports chronographs worn by NASA astronauts during missions into space. And while you can find these watches in stores, Omega also periodically releases limited-edition models honoring various accomplishments of the space program.

Omega Seamaster watches are innovative in giving divers a solid alternative to Rolex’s Oyster Perpetual Submariner, which many believe is the most iconic diving watch on earth. This includes both quartz and automatic versions with either steel or titanium cases (with bracelets).

Of course, there is also an entire line dedicated exclusively to ladies’ jewelry watches for those who prefer smaller sizes and designs without lugs and a series made from diamond rather than metal.

Where to Get Those Watches

So you want to buy Omega watches? The first thing you’ll do is ask, “Where am I based?”

I’m going to assume that most of my readers live in the U.S., so let’s talk about where one can purchase those coveted Longines wearers in America.

You could go straight to the source and visit an Omega boutique or authorized dealer near your hometown (Omega typically has them scattered throughout big cities).

If there isn’t any nearby, try a retailer with a physical location; several high-end department stores carry Omega products these days and might have what you’re looking for (think Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdale’s, Nordstrom).

Finally, you can try to find Omega watches at WatchMaxx. This store provides a two-year warranty, repair service, and much more. Find the watch you want today.

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