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Breitling Watches: Company History, Reliable Types and Where to Get Them

Breitling, a Swiss watch company, has been around for over 150 years and is known for its reliability. With Breitling watches, you can be sure that your timepiece will remain accurate and durable throughout the years.

Breitling Watches History

The company was founded in 1884 by Leon Breitling, a 22-year old watchmaker from Bern. He had already created several smaller calibers, and now he wanted to take on the challenge of producing larger watches. The first one that he designed for his factory was called “Nord West.” It took him three weeks to create this caliber with no assistance whatsoever – just like all other movements before or after.

In 1900, less than two years after becoming a partner at the firm, Leon’s son Gaston joined the business. He so did their cousin Otto Ochsler as an apprentice mechanic.

Throughout the years, Breitling has been one of the most famous watch brands in the world. They have made and sold watches all over the globe, whether they are for a specific professional use or just as a luxury accessory.

Types of Breitling Watches

Breitling watches are a company that has made many different types of timepieces throughout the years. There is one for just about every occasion imaginable, and they have been used by some very notable people in history as well. Breitlings come with an automatic mechanical movement or quartz pulse movements depending on what you need your watch to do for you: be accurate, look good, etc. So naturally, these two types of movements will differ significantly in terms of accuracy. Still, both are dependable pieces from this Swiss luxury brand.

Breitling designed The “Navitimer” explicitly for “aviation professionals,” so it would make sense that these pilots were given the first model to use back in 1952, where they debuted it. Then, in 1957, the company released a chronograph with an alarm feature called “Alarm-Chronomatic.” Then, in 1969, they came out with their most famous type of wristwatch to date: the “Breitling Emergency.”

The Breitling name also includes watches such as the Colt automatic, Carrera 1884 perpetual calendar with moon phase display, Chronomat (a dive watch), and other great models.

How to Get a Breitling Watch Online

To purchase a Breitling watch from an authorized dealer online, you will have to find someone with the ability to sell them. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer its website for this purpose, so it is most likely to be found on smaller websites.

It’s essential before purchasing one of these watches (or any other timepiece) that you verify the authenticity and condition of the product. This verification may require some research into reputable dealers trusted by their customers and can provide documentation about where and how they obtained each item available for sale.

Breitling watches have a rich history and are one of the most reliable brands on the market. You can find them at WatchMaxx. If you’re looking to buy a watch from Breitling, be sure that their experts have authenticated it, so you don’t get scammed into buying fake merchandise. Not only will your timepiece last longer because Breitling made it with quality materials, but if anything does happen to go wrong in its lifetime, they offer free repairs for up to two years after purchase.

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