Blue Topaz Necklace

Blue Topaz Necklace: Learn About All of the Popular Styles & Settings

A blue topaz necklace is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry! This gemstone will remind anyone who looks upon it of a clear blue sky on a warm day. It’s an ideal gift for anybody born in the month of December.

Not only is it lovely, blue topaz is also a hard stone. As long as it’s well taken care of, it can maintain its dazzle for decades. Since blue topaz rarely occurs naturally, most of the stones are treated. Some sellers try to sell citrine as blue topaz. There is a simple method of distinguishing the two. A real topaz stone will sink to the bottom of a methyl iodine solution, while citrine will float.

If you want to buy a natural stone, be sure to ask for a Certificate of Authenticity. However, a blue topaz necklace made out of a natural stone is very rare and expensive.
The gemstone varies in colors. The more desirable is a pure robin’s egg blue. On some necklaces it’s combined with sapphires, diamonds, or both. Many women find these combinations to be ideal, although some still prefer a solitaire blue topaz stone.

This stone can be cut in all of the common styles as well as unusual ones. You’ll find necklaces featuring emerald cut topazes, heart cuts, round cuts, oval cuts, etc. Since it’s a “cool” color, it’s typically paired with a white or silver metal, such as sterling silver or platinum. This doesn’t mean that it doesn’t look great with yellow gold. In fact, the “iciness” of the blue topaz and the brightness of yellow gold create very flashy jewelry.

More Styles of a Blue Topaz Necklace

Another amazing piece of jewelry is a blue topaz necklace decorated with glittering gold and accented by tiny diamonds. The great thing about this gemstone is that it goes well with any metal and setting.

Some necklaces feature shapes such as crosses, stars, and hearts, and have the gemstone or multiple gemstones in the center. A cross, for example, will be made of multiple topazes. One particularly popular design features a dolphin holding a blue topaz sphere! On some necklaces, the sphere connects two dolphins together.

Do you prefer butterflies? How about a pendant featuring a butterfly with blue topaz and amethyst wings. If you’re buying for your sweetheart, then a heart-shaped necklace might be a good idea – especially if the topaz is embellished with diamond accents!

Even though it’s a hard stone, it can still get scratches. It also requires regular cleaning in order to prevent a buildup of dust. The best way to clean a blue topaz necklace is by gently brushing it with a small toothbrush. You can use warm water or a solution that’s free of ammonia.

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