Blue Diamond Earrings

Blue Diamond Earrings Guide: What Are Popular Styles? Which Design is Right for You?

If you want jewelry with blue gemstones, don’t settle for anything less than blue diamonds! Blue diamond earrings are beautiful. No matter where you wear them to, you will be the center of attention. Whether you want to wear studs, hoops, drops, chandeliers, or heart shaped earrings, you will find this icy colored diamond to be very beautiful.

That being said, no two blue diamonds are exactly alike. In fact, they’re not all made the same way. Some form naturally and some are produced in labs. Very rarely will you find them untreated. In nature, they get their blue color from inclusions in the crystal lattice structure.

The clarity and purity of a blue diamond plays a huge role in its price. Another factor in the price is the carat. You really don’t need HUGE diamonds in earrings, or else they’ll drag your ears down! For this reason, blue diamond earrings are less expensive than necklaces and rings.

There are a variety of styles, cuts, and designs to choose from. For a simple style, you can go with stud earrings with a round or square cut. Prong-set stones are typically 1 carat or less. Even small studs can really stand out – especially if they are set in polished silver or bright gold.

Another gorgeous style is an icy blue diamond surrounded by white diamond accents. The main stone can be crafted into sterling silver with a pave pattern. You will find that many earrings have other diamonds and crystal accents along with the blue stone.

Great Choices for Blue Diamond Earrings Styles

Teardrop earrings are always a popular choice – especially if they feature gleaming blue diamonds crafted in gold! Some even have art deco inspired designs. These earrings feature sparkling diamonds that sit above a square cut gemstone. The blue diamonds don’t always have to be featured with white diamonds. They look very lovely when complemented with black diamonds as well.

You can’t go wrong with hoop earrings! When embellished with blue diamonds, and crafted from white sterling silver, hoop earrings are absolutely gorgeous! Another hoop design is blue and white diamond hoops featuring treated diamond baguettes. They look best set in white gold or platinum.

Want something unique? You’ll find some earrings featuring stars, flowers, snowflakes, horseshoes, and dolphins embellished in blue diamonds.

Clearly, there are so many choices, so you can easily find the perfect pair of blue diamond earrings. If you really want to go all out, order a complete set! Get a matching ring, necklace, and bracelet.

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