Citrine Rings

Citrine Rings Guide – 8 Tips on Choosing the Right Citrine Cut, Size, & Clarity

Citrine is such a beautiful and versatile gemstone. It’s part of the quartz family and gets its name from the French word for lemon, “citron”. Citrine rings are very popular pieces of jewelry. In ancient cultures, this gem was believed to increase psychic powers. It sets of a warm amber color which makes the jewelry ideal as a gift.

The shades go well with just about any type of clothing. It’s easy to match citrine jewelry with any outfit, regardless of your taste. The shades include yellows, browns, and oranges. There are a variety of rings available in different sizes, styles, and cuts.

The great thing about citrine rings is that they are fairly affordable. It’s possible to find a large stone without going over your budget. Since it’s a form of quartz, it can be cut into square, oval, round brilliant, or cushion shapes. It can also be combined with other stones in the creation of rings.

The rings can be custom-made. You can choose the cut and metal. The most popular metals are yellow gold and white gold.

Here are a few tips for choosing citrine rings:

1. Always remember the 4 C’s: carat weight, gem color, diamond clarity, and cut. Which shade of citrine do you want? What is the highest clarity you can afford?
2. Don’t confuse the cut with the shape. The shape describes whether the gemstone is square, round, heart, princess, etc. The cut describes how well-cut the shape is.
3. Since there are large amounts of citrine available, it’s easy to find a well-cut stone. If the light seems to escape through the bottom of the gemstone rather than sparkle back at you, then it’s a poorly cut stone.
4. With a mediocre cut, some of the light escapes through the bottom, although the stone still sparkles more than it would with a poor cut. Some of the facets overlap with a mediocre cut.
5. With a perfect cut, the light reflects in a dazzling sparkle. The facets are all even. A well-done fancy cut is highly artistic, and includes concave facets.
6. As for color, you should avoid citrine rings that are too pale. This gemstone is meant to have vibrant color.
7. Lemon citrine, while popular, is still pretty cheap. If you can afford to do so, go with a light yellowish orange or a dark burnt orange.
8. As for size, larger citrine stones usually cost more than smaller ones. There are exceptions, of course, depending on how clear and vibrant the stone is. Average sized citrine is around 6 ct. A large size is around 10 carats. Large citrine rings range from $300 – $700.

Final Words

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