Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

Blue Diamond Engagement Rings Guide: Tips for Choosing the Cut, Clarity, Setting, & Band

When it comes to a proposal, nothing but the best will do. You will want to impress her with the perfect ring. If blue is her favorite color, then you definitely need to check out some blue diamond engagement rings. They are very elegant and dazzling. Any woman will love to have a blue diamond on her finger! It doesn’t need to be said that blue diamonds are a step above the rest.

As with all color diamonds, blue diamonds are usually treated. The treatments are done to enhance and deepen the color. The blue tone is embedded into the stone. Light reflects off of every facet of the stone to produce clear beams of sparkle!

When choosing the ring, you need to consider the cut, clarity, carat, and metal. You also need to decide whether you want to go with a solitaire stone setting, three-stone setting, multi-stone setting, etc. Would she prefer something simple or extravagant?

What kind of cut should you choose? Princess? Emerald? Round? Brilliant? Oval? Whatever you choose, make sure that the cut grade is at least Very Good for round shapes or Good for fancy shapes. The polish and symmetry should be rated highly. You obviously need to avoid diamonds with a Poor cut – especially when it comes to engagement rings.

Classic cuts include Emerald, Asscher, Cushion, and Marquise. Modern cuts include Brilliant Rounds, Oval, Heart, and Princess. Make sure you choose a cut that represents her personality. Some women prefer flashy diamond cuts, and some prefer subtle, sleek cuts.

Clarity is another important consideration when it comes to blue diamond engagement rings. If you can afford one, you should choose a stone that falls into the VVS2 or better. Only 10% of all diamonds fall into this category. Most engagement rings fall into the rating range of VS1 – VS2.

Other Factors to Consider When Looking for Blue Diamond Engagement Rings

You also need to determine whether to choose the setting. Do you want the blue diamond to be set as a solitaire, or with other diamonds and accents? If you want to go with a three, five, or multi-stone stetting, do you want them all to be blue diamonds or a blue diamond mixed with other colors? One popular design is a blue stone surrounded by tiny white diamond accents.

As for the band, do you want it to be plain metal or covered in accents? The blue diamond could set in the center of the band, with tiny white diamonds or crystals going all the way around the band. Once again, every woman has her own preference. For some, the flashier the better, for others, there’s nothing more beautiful than a sleek and simple band.

Now that you know what to look for in blue diamond engagement rings, you should be able to find the right ring for your girl!

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